autotools-idl versions

Here are the rules for compatibility between the different parts of autotools-idl:

autoconf-orb xc.yc.zc
  1. automake-idl is compatible with autoconf-orb xc.yc.zc (and vice versa) iff  xm = xc  and  ym = yc.
  2. If a configure script or a is created and works with automake-idl and autoconf-orb x.y.zc then it will work with automake-idl x.y1.zm1 and autoconf-orb x.y1.zc1 if  y1 > y.
  3. All bugfixes in the current versions automake-idl and autoconf-orb x.y.zc will be backported to x1.y1.zm1 and autoconf-orb x1.y1.zc1 if  x1 = x-1  and  x1 >= 1  (if they are applicable at all).
  4. examples can be used with automake-idl and autoconf-orb x.y.zc if  xe = x  and ye <= y.
A few conclusions from the general rules:
  1. Increases in the patchlevel z do not break compatibility at all (both within autotools-idl and with application scripts and makefiles).
  2. The minor version y will be increased iff a feature is added or compatibility within autotools-idl breaks but backward compatibility with application scripts and makefiles is kept.
  3. The major version x will be increased iff backward compatibility with application scripts and makefiles might break. That does not necessarily mean that application scripts and makefiles must be rewritten but some might need adjustments.
  4. The previous major version of autotools-idl will be maintained with bugfixes. The beta versions 0.y.z will not be maintained.
A note about the documentation:
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